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Place your copy and design ideas directly on any website.

Perfect for copywriting, content and design review

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Heurio - Using guidelines for comments.

Why Marketing and Copywriting teams use Heurio

Get clean feedback
Copy deisgn or content suggestions
Integrations to Trello, Jira and more...
Visual feedback tool with List of heurios (comments).

Get actionable feedback in a clear and familiar way

Instead of creating a labyrinth of multiple documents, make copy suggestions directly on any live websites.

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Heurio web-app for website collaboration.

Work together with designers and marketers seamlessly

Heurio suits your whole team. Always get design or copy related feedback on time. Heurio makes your comments accurate, organized, and prioritized.

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Save time & Deliver results

Focus on delivering value effortlessly instead of managing various project documents.

Empower your team

Heurio makes the collaboration between UX Researchers, UX/UI Designers, and the client seamless and productive.

Comment directly on any website

Forget going to a third-party website, or creating multiple project documents! Just place your comments directly where they belong.

Web experts love Heurio.

5 star rating of Heurio.

Great for UX research collaboration. Really clear and simple tool to use. I recommend it.

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Niels De Schryver
5 star rating of Heurio.

Great easy to use extension for UX analysis on any website!

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Charlie Penwarden
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