Weinschenk & Barker Classification

20 usability guidelines by Susan Weinschenk and Dean Barker.

1. User Control

The interface will allow the user to perceive that they are in control and will allow appropriate control.

2. Human Limitations

The interface will not overload the user's cognitive, visual, auditory, tactile, or motor limits.

3. Modal Integrity

The interface will fit individual tasks within whatever modality is being used: auditory, visual, or motor/kinesthetic.

4. Accommodation

The interface will fit the way each user group works and thinks.

5. Linguistic Clarity

The interface will communicate as efficiently as possible.

6. Aesthetic Integrity

The interface will have a tractive and appropriate design.

7. Simplicity

The interface will present elements simply.

8. Predictability

The interface will behave in a manner such that user can accurately predict what will happen next.

9. Interpretation

The interface will make reasonable guesses about what the user is trying to do.

10. Accuracy

The interface will be free from errors.

11. Technical Clarity

The interface will have the highest possible fidelity.

12. Flexibility

The interface will allow the user to adjust the design for custom use.

13. Fulfillment

The interface will provide a satisfying user experience.

14. Cultural Propriety

The interface will match the user's social customs and expectations.

15. Suitable Tempo

The interface will operate at a tempo suitable to the user.

16. Consistency

The interface will be consistent.

17. User Support

The interface will provide additional assistance as needed or requested.

18. Precision

The interface will allow the users to perform a task exactly.

19. Forgiveness

The interface will make actions recoverable.

20. Responsiveness

The interface will inform users about the results of their actions and the interface's status.

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